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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the general schedule of an afternoon?
Snacks and Recreation --- 45 min
Tutoring / Mentoring / Computer Lab --- 1 hour
Rotation of: Creative Projects, Life Skill Lessons, and Bible Club --- 1 hour
Family Time --- 15 min (A closing gathering time to share about the day)

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Will any snacks be provided during the afternoon?
Yes. Nutritional snack foods and drinks will be provided.


Will there be an opportunity for older students?
Our goal is to serve the students development as they continue into Middle and High School years. The ‘S.A.Y. Yes Centers for Youth Development,’ of which we are a part, have extensive resources for programs that extend throughout the teenage years. We are initially focusing on the formative years (grades 1 to 4) and will hope to extend to older years as the team of volunteers grows.



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