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What values guide this program?

Program Values

The Learning ZONE's values are:

  • COMPREHENSIVE: we are mentoring across the students' lives- in their home, school and community.
  • FAITH-BASED: we are a mission of and financed the local church and our curriculum is character-building and based on Christian values and principles.
  • COMMUNITY-BASED: we are serving the youth of our neighborhood and helping to develop lives and leaders for the future of this community who know God.
  • LONG-TERM: we hope to have children start at age 5 or 6. ¬†We are happy if they start anytime during their enrollment in elementary school. However, we want to serve them whenever they and their families are ready, and welcome them with open arms at all ages, and invite them to stay until they graduate from high school.
  • HOLISTIC: we strive to meet the academic, spiritual, social, emotion, physical and creative needs of the youth.

WE BELIEVE that each individual possesses significant gifts given from God, our Creator.

WE BELIEVE that human nature is most fully honored and served through relationships which fully develop these strengths.

WE BELIEVE God's love for us proivides a foundation for our development of character.