Low cost… and low student/mentor ratio? How?

Strategy. We are committed to seeing students in our community succeed in school and in life, and we are strategic towards providing an excellent, holistic educational program with a low-cost and a low student/mentor ratio. Our strategy involves:


Partnering with Parents

As the major influence in students’ lives, parents must be present, aware and willing to do what it takes to partner with us to ensure their kids reach their potential. To maximize the partnership, it is expected that the Learning ZONE establish an open line of consistent communication between the program and the parents. We must be a part of “the family loop,” able to communicate academic and behavioral expectations to parents and be immediately informed of pertinent correspondence from students’ schools and teachers.

Parents must also reinforce what is taught and practiced in the Learning ZONE while at home, comply with our attendance, behavioral and pick-up policies and sign a contract promising to meet these expectations.


Growing Self-Confidence

Every activity is intentionally targeted towards growing the students’ confidence.

We train our volunteers to ensure they are equipped to successfully mentor the students.

Our team of mentors is made up of a group of people who love and care for the youth in our community. They are committed and faithful to the program and its kids. Confidence is built through this strong academic and emotional support.


The Five Pillars

The majority of enrichment activities in the Learning ZONE are centered on our Five Pillars:

Communal Responsibility
The Love and Teachings of Jesus

We believe focusing on these specific areas will enable us to meet our mentoring mission. 95% of Learning ZONE students are first-generation Hispanic, and, for many of their parents, English is a second language. As a result, many of our kids need extra, focused assistance in reading, writing and math. A main focus of the program is achieving defined grade level skills in these areas.

We also strive towards helping in understanding one’s communal responsibility and rights that forms good citizenship. We desire every student to discover that they can become the future leaders of their community, and what they have the potential to accomplish as such. We desire every student to know the saving love of Jesus and his power to fill life with greater purpose.